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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Book Blog 2



Fuck a priest, I've just heard from the publishers and they said could I take out the vulgarities.


They said 'we are reserving the right to judge that your book may be offensive or pornographic to others and this may effect your royalties'.


Which others, I said.


People who might buy your book, they said.


So I said well hang on a minute, how the fucking hell am I meant to know what people find offensive, who are these righteous cunts? And they said 'that's what we mean'.


So now I'm having to go through the whole bloody book again, rewriting lines like "'Fiddlesticks!', exclaimed the mayor of Hiroshima".


I checked back with the publishers and said what did they call pornographic and they said 'well, you know' and I said no I didn't, actually, and they said 'look it up'.


So I did and then checked back again and said it says here that there has not been a prosecution of textual pornography since Inside Linda Lovelace in 1976. They said 'are you anywhere near inside Linda Lovelace?' and I said well there's no dentistry in the book, what else is banned?


I looked up some more, principally Section 63 of the Criminal Justice Act, and checked back and they said 'what now?' and I said that my attention had been drawn to a definition of  pornography being 'a person performing oral sex with a dead animal' and they said 'yes, and?' and I said 'well how does that work, with it being dead?' and they said I was trying their patience. Only asking, I said. Look up the Obscene Publications Act, they said.


So I did and then checked back and said it says here that a publication is obscene if it 'is likely to deprave or corrupt' and they said 'so?' and I said well, power corrupts so does that mean…. and they said 'just fucking get on with it'.  



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Ian Leonard said...

Ha Ha Pat & I laughed , What the fuck are these people on? Anyone would think R&R was free of fucking. Still I suppose 1970's dentistry is behind us? Just lie back with your head draping...... Oh stop it.